Books for teaching socials skills about recess and the playground.

recess and playground books

1) Billy Bully by Ana Galan and Alvaro Galan.

In this funny counting book, Billy Bully learns what it means to be a good friend.  “When Billy Bully comes to play he always takes the fun away.”  As Billy is rotten on the playground he soon finds he is losing all his friends.  In the end, Billy Bully learns what it takes to be a real friend.

2) The King of the Playground by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Kevin loves to go to the playground, but not when Sammy is there. It seems Sammy has declared himself, “king of the playground.”  As the king, Sammy says he can’t play on the swings, the slide or the monkey bars.  Kevin realizes at some point in order to play on the playground again he will have to stand up to the Playground King.  But how???

3) The Recess Queen by Alexis O’Neill

When Mean Jean is the recess queen and nobody dares tells her differently.  Everybody knows Jean is the first at everything and no one challenges her.  But when a new student arrives at school and isn’t aware of the Mean Jean rules things begin to unravel for Mean Jean.

4) Playground Survival by Peggy Burns

Your playground is full of fun and games. But is everyone having a good time? There might be some kids who are not having as much fun as everyone else. This book looks at why. Includes a look at how some people judge others without getting to know them; how to deal with school bullies; what to do when someone spreads lies about you or calls you names. Most of all, it helps you learn to talk through your problems with people who care about you.

5) The playground problem by Margaret McNamara

The Playground Problem by Margaret McNamara, leveled books G-H-I There’s a problem on the playground! The boys won’t let the girls play soccer with them during recess. Emma is furious! So she figures out a plan to get them to change their minds. And in the end, they all learn that the best teams are the ones that everyone gets to play on!

6)  Freckle Face Strawberry and the Dodge Ball Bully By Julianne

Freckleface Strawberry loves the Early Bird program at school because it means extra time on the playground–except when it rains. Rain means indoor playtime…and facing the school bully Windy Pants Patrick in a bruising game of dodgeball.

7) Henry and the Bully by Nancy Carlson

When a bully starts stealing Henry’s soccer ball at recess, the little mouse doesn’t know what to do. He tries to ask his teacher for help, and his mom, too. But soon Henry realizes he’s got to find his own way to solve his bully problem.

8)  Max and Zoe at Recess

Max has a hard time remembering to bring things to school. First, he forgets his boots, so he can’t play in the snow. Max must learn to be responsible or he will continue to miss the fun at recess.

9) Kyle’s Recess by Terri Dougherty

It is recess! Kyle wants to play, but the ball bin is empty. Will the kids find out have all the balls gone?  Read-It! Readers Series.

10.   Recess at 20 Below by Cindy Aillaud

Like so many children the question, “Is it too cold for recess?” is answered in the book.


10  Recess and  Playground Books
10 Recess and Playground Books
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