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10 Suggestions for a Peaceful Playground

physical activity & academicsThis is a list of 10 suggestions for making your playground a peaceful place for fun and games.

  1.  Have classroom teachers walk students around the playground on the first day of school.  Introduce playing areas and those areas that are off limit during recess.
  2. Introduce students to playground rules and procedures. For example:  freeze at the bell, walk back to class, and line up after the whistle.
  3. Teach safe play on the playground structures.
  4. Introduce the rules for a new playground game each week.
  5. Introduce students to the concept of playground reports (pink slips for inappropriate behavior).
  6. Introduce the Peaceful Playgrounds concepts of Walk, Talk or Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  7. Add more game markings to your playground.  When kids have more to do, you have fewer problems.
  8. Introduce students to playgrounds good sport coupons.
  9. TRAIN playground supervisors!!!
  10. Do not allow students to bring personal toys or equipment from home.

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